Endday Interlude: Annette Weber, pyromancer

The next session of the Endday Campaign will be in a few days’ time, so that leaves me room to shine a spotlight on one of the characters for a change. Meet Annette Weber, bookstore owner and wand-wielding fire-loving Wizardess!

Annette is the daughter of a German couple who moved to the US in the mid-60s and set up a small bookstore close to a university campus. In due course she inherited it as well as their fascination with the occult and every crackpot theory under the sun. When the events of 1st September hit all those things that she thought were true – are! There are angels, monsters and demons – and when the Event hit her she gained the ability to wield  magic. Booyah.

Like Professor McGonagall the early years, only better

Like any book-loving geekophile she’s a fan of Harry Potter, so grabbed the nearest wand-like thing she could find (broken gearstick) and began blasting demons on the 405. Right now she’s Third Level – all primed and set for the next session. Here’s a breakdown of her character, with thanks to Mark for letting me dissect her for your enjoyment, humble readers.

When it came to selecting Skills, Feats, Spells and Rituals Annette has two themes going on: fire and books. Deep down I think she resents her father leaving her stuck with the bookstore and would like nothing more than to torch the place and get on with her life. Sheesh. I’m psychoanalysing a D&D character now…….

Her Feats are Expert Ritualist, Skill Focus (Arcana) and Arcane Reserves. With her Background as a Scholar, that gives her a +5 to Arcana checks and a further +2 to any checks when casting rituals. Arcane Reserves means she does an additional +2 damage with her At-will Spells when she’s out of her per Encounter Spells. This says something about Annette’s tactics – start with the big flashy magick and work down to the littler spells. A tactical genius, she ain’t.

For Skills, she has Training in Arcana (well, duh), History, Insight, Nature and Religion – all bookish subjects that show she’s read through a fair chunk of the Psychology, Science, Mythology and Paranormal sections of her bookstore. Thanks to her Feats and Background she has +15 Arcana which is pretty darned good for a 3rd level character. I think she’s memorized the complete works of Aleister Crowley or something.

The Rituals she currently knows are Arcane Mark, Magic Mouth, Comprehend Language, Secret Page and Seek Rumour, all neatly line with her book theme. Then there’s her Spells.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this pyromancer wannabe has selected every spell with the word “Fire” in the title with Fire Shroud, Summon Fire Warrior and Flaming Sphere getting top billing. For her Utility spells there’s Arcane Insight and Arcane Mutterings – both reflections of her bookish nature again.

In keeping with this High-Speed D&D she has three magic items at 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels, and has chosen the following:

Flame Wand +1
What can I say? She likes fire. This wand does +1d8 fire damage on a critical and gives her the Scorching Burst spell for free once per Encounter. Nifty.

Robe of Fire Resistance +1
She likes fire, but she isn’t stupid. Fire hurts, and this flame-proof robe (Resist 5) is just what she needs.

Headband Spectacles of Perception
Even her glasses get a little magical boost, giving her a +1 to all Perception checks.

Do I like this character? Hell yes! It’s great fun to GM opposite Mark while she blasts demons back to hell, and it just goes to show that 4e D&D is more than up to the task of taking a concept and letting you build it as a character. I’ve just got to stop him shouting “Expelliarmus!” all the time now.

Here’s Annette Weber’s 3rd level character sheet, in full.

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