DAZ Freebie of the Week: Tritium Containers

Containers. Boring, right? Wrong! Well yes ok, on their own, they’re boring. I mean, they’re just containers. Nice ones mind. There are Tritium Containers no less, with orange lights round the side and cool stuff inside. But they’re still containers.


But these aren’t the kind of thing you plonk in the middle of the screen and render in isolation. They’re filler, props you use to add a little more detail and pad out a scene. They help break up lines and reinforce the genre or setting. Containers are what the big strong guys lift over their heads, aliens crawl out of and space ship cargo bays are full of. Without containers, a cargo bay is just a bay. They exist to make other things less boring.


As with anything else though, these containers are limited only by your imagination. Pop them on their side and make a big long line and you’ve got a Space Train. Scale ’em up and you have a Portable Supervillain Containment Facility. Hide the doors and contents, and you’ve a rollercoaster ride.


“Sarge, the Portable Supervillain Containment Facility is open! What do we do?”

These Trituim Containers are free for this week only, they’re useful and not boring at all. Oh no. Go get ’em!

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