Everything you need to know about Skill Challenges – coming soon!

I’m working on a post detailing the potted wisdom of my little group when it comes to the wonder that is Skill Challenges. It covers both sides of the table so that GMs know how to run them and players know what to expect – and how both can make them the best role-playing experience possible.

To illustrate it, I’ve made this render and thought it worth sharing with y’all ahead of time.

“I’m sorry. The Warlord of Ultimate Evil is in a meeting. Do you have an appointment?”


That’s my title for it, but I reckon you can do better. Submit a caption in the comments and you could win a super-special limited edition no-prize! Oh yes.

C’mon. what are you waiting for? Captions away!

16 Comments on “Everything you need to know about Skill Challenges – coming soon!”

  1. Oh sweeet! A … uhm… no-prize?…. waitaminnit….

    well I can’t think of a caption but I’m looking forward to the skill challenge article being posted!

    I’ve been thinking of ways to make skill challenges work in my games(running them as written does not work for me at all) as the ones I have run in the past have either been successful when I winged it, or glassy eyed near game stoppers when I tried to over plan things. I gave up after a couple stinkers and have been skipping them altogether.
    .-= kaeosdad´s last blog ..Open Letter to Wizards of the Coast: =-.

  2. “Conan not like MacBook, Conan prefer PC.”

    Looking forward to the skill challenge materials, Conan love skill challenge.

  3. Rolled a 1 on the Intimidate check.

    Looking forward to the Skill Challenge stuff. DMG 2 teaser on skill challenges is intriguing, but I’m still looking for a better way than the WotC way.

  4. Her (thinking): “Nice sword! I’ll bet he’s compensating.”

    Him (thinking): “I guess she’s never heard of psionic barbarians. Wait a minute, …compensating?? ” {Enters Rage}

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