DAZ Freebie of the week: Telrunya

It’s a great day for freebies here in 3DRenderland. First off there’s Telrunya, a complete scene setup complete with pillars, altar, cameras and more. It’s got a whole host of useful renderspots and is ideal for those fantasy images you’re itching to create. DAZ3d and Nouschka Design have released some great free scenes in the past including Caligo Fanum, Camthalion, Alcarine and Aikanaro and I’d say that this is the best one yet – though the others are great quality and well worth buying now they’re no longer free.

The textures and detail is nothing less that awesome. Check it out!


That’s all I’ve done with it so far – hey, what can I say? Busy day! – but expect to see more of this great set, Real Soon.

But that’s not all. Fresh from the Renderosity Newsletter comes not one freebie, but two. Usually, Rendo newsletter freebies are less than stellar so I’m hoping that this is the shape of things to come. First there’s the oddly named Oomph, a lingerie and pantie set for Victora 4 that comes with morphs for Girl and Aiko 4 as well as a whole slew of textures.


No snickering at that back! Great quality free clothing is hard to come by, and with a quick change of material these will just as easily serve duty as a chainmail or leather tunic or turn into a superhero outfit. I’ll show you how one day if you’re good.

Also, take the Renderosity Survey in the newsletter and you get ANOTHER free download to choose from three. I picked the Rebel Encore Hair from Powerage and you’re looking at it in the render above. Nice, eh?

So all in all, not a bad freebie day at all.

Happy rendering!

UPDATE: And here’s the Lingerie set converted to a leather tunic thanks to cunning use of a set of Leather Shaders. See? :D


Oh, and background courtesy of Telrunya.

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  1. I don’t bother with Renderosity much, since they don’t put out good quality freebies every month. To them, a Freebie doesn’t meet up to standard. Most Digital Creations, however, puts out really good freebies. Even if many of them are from Playboy.

    But the problem with Renderosity is that they think a Freebie doesn’t have to meet a standard. It’s free, so why demand high quality?
    .-= Elton´s last blog ..Sickness =-.

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