Persephone’s Return


“As she was gathering flowers with her playmates in a meadow, the earth opened and Hades, god of the dead, appeared and carried her off to be his queen in the world below. … Torch in hand, her sorrowing mother sought her through the wide world, and finding her not, she forbade the earth to put forth its increase. So all that year not a blade of corn grew on the earth, and men would have died of hunger if Zeus had not persuaded Hades to let Persephone go. However, before he let her go Hades persuaded her eat three seeds of a pomegranate, and thus she could not stay away from him forever. So it was arranged that she should spend two-thirds (according to later authors, one-half) of every year with her mother and the heavenly gods, and should pass the rest of the year with Hades beneath the earth…. As wife of Hades, she sent spectres, ruled the ghosts, and carried into effect the curses of men.”
— Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911

Darn this was a fun one to render!

UPDATE: I posted this render up at the Wizards’ Community site in my Gallery, and it was removed. Yep, I was censored by Wizards of the Coast for showing the back of a naked woman. This is disappointing as the site’s Terms of Use state:

10. Children and Mature Content

Please be aware that certain areas on the Site contain mature content and there may be posted specific age restrictions to access and view such areas. You may be exposed to Site Content that you find offensive, indecent or objectionable. By using the Site you assume all risk associated with its use. We encourage parents to supervise their children’s use of the Site and maintain open communication regarding appropriate materials for use and viewing by their children.

Obviously they mean it’s ok if it’s their Mature Content, not ours.

Ah well.

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