DAZ freebie of the week: Communication!


Angel on the telephone

This week’s freebie from DAZ3d is nothing less than the power to talk to each other! It’s a set of telephones for all your communicatory rendering needs. The set includes a nifty old-style rotary dial phone, an office deskphone and two cellphones. Neat!

As far as freebies go, they’re great. As far as the standard we’ve come to expect from DAZ3d freebies though, they’re less than stellar. For a start they use the damned annoying DAZ Studio 3 only .dsa mats for their textures. These can’t be used with DAZ Studio 2.3 (which a lot of folks are still using due to the higher system requirements of DS3, the lack of DS3 plugins, etc) and the base textures look downright rubbish by default. Which is a shame as that rotary phone would look terrific in a scifi scene. I’ve tried for ages to get it to look good though, and it just doesn’t.

It would be useful for the cellphones had been smartprops too so that they autofit to a figure’s hand. Maybe a pose or two. Or at least a handpose.

I know it’s sour grapes to moan about a freebie (especially one from a company who generously give one out every single week!) but in seven days’ time this won’t be free at all, but cost cold hard cash to buy. I’d be disappointed if this found it’s way into my shopping cart.

And for god’s sake DAZ – give us proper .ds MATs as well as Advanced ones, at least for the foreseeable future. Please?

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  1. Yeah. Still looked weak. The best result was when I removed the texture on the phone completely and recreated my own. That’s an awful lot of effort just for a telephone :(

  2. Oh, I read your thread. D/S 3A does seem like the future. Looks like you’ll be needing a new laptop soon if DAZ continues to pull “DSA”s on you. As for myself, I’m going to keep working on my school work until I be needing a new Mac Desktop Pro (and a bunch of Mac Minis) when I finally get to work with Autodesk’s Maya. :)
    .-= Elton´s last blog ..Worgen and DAZ =-.

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