Endday, finale

And we come, so to speak, to the end of Endday. At least, the end before the beginning. Or is that the beginning of the end? The campaign proper starts 1st September with the first session covering the events of that very same day. The second session details the events of 2nd September and so on through to the final, complete and utter end on 30th September – Endday itself.

Along the way there’s going to be many twists and turns. The characters will battle demons (lots of ’em), encounter angels and question the nature and motives of both. They will perform great acts of heroism, and sometimes they will fail and die. There ain’t no resurrection neither, so that’s when the player takes up the tale of another of The Few, shifting gears to weave another life into the story.

And it is a story, just not one that’s been written yet. I’ve some ideas of what may happen between the Beginning and the End (including a kickass set-piece battle up the side of a freakin’ skyscraper!) though if they don’t come to pass, c’est la vie.

One thing I’m considering is the possibility for re-use. There are almost 7 billion lives on this little planet, and each one will live through the event of 1st-30th September in their own way. If it’s a success, there’s nothing to stop us returning to the beginning and re-telling the tale with a whole new set of characters just to see how their efforts might change the end of history.

We’ll see.

One thing is for sure though. It’s going to be a heck of a ride, and I’ll be documenting every bump, turn and twist right here. Better buckle up!

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  1. Count me in to read about it, I love the idea, and I might use it one day for a campaign of my own devices…

  2. @Random I wish! :D There’ll be at least one session a week, and we’re hoping to keep the momentum going by playing online (using nothing more than gtalk, no battlemats or minis) too. I reckon the whole campaign will be done by late January.

    @Ashran Thanks! If you do, just holler and let me know :D

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