DAZ Freebie of the Week: Barbarian Ballet!

It was then that Bofo the Illusionist realized he’d pushed the barbarian too far.

Fresh from the twisted geniuses at DAZ3d comes this ballerina tutu and shoes set for….. uhhh….. FREAK!

But not just any FREAK. This is the new, shiny, brand new (did I say new?) FREAK 4 who is bigger and bolder and bolder and bigger than ever! And yes, his name is all capitals, all the time. FREAK is like that.

Round these parts, skulls are currency. Sure makes dividing up the Treasure Parcels interesting.

I’ll be using and raving about the all-new FREAK for a while to come, but suffice to say he’s a worthy successor to FREAK 3. All muscle, all attitude, all the time – but with that little bit of indefinable “something” which makes him a great figure to work with. FREAK isn’t just one well-muscled morph but a whole range of ’em covering a sliding scale from well-built hero all the way up to massive giant and beyond. What’s more it’s possible to mix and match between all of the available other morphs and textures for infinite FREAKery. Nice.

Just how much muscle do you want? This much? More…… ?!

Want a FREAK of your very own? Grab a free copy of DAZ Studio for all your 3D renderin’ needs, the free Michael 4 Base figure and buy the FREAK Starter Pack for just $19.98 (on sale! cheap!), and you can get your FREAK on too.

Don’t forget to grab your tutu on the way out.

Admit it. You know you want to.

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