Endday, part seven

One of the (many) differences between the Superhero and Fantasy meta-genres has to do with Origins. Most specifically – how did the heroes get their powers? When it comes to superheroes, their origin is frequently what resides at the centre of their being; it is their motivation, rationale and power source, all rolled into one. But when it comes to fantasy heroes, it’s barely even thought of at all.

Here’s a quick example:

Superhero: “I’m Adam Kent, also known as Meteorman! I’m a former NASA test-pilot whose spaceship fell through the eye of a meteorite storm. It gave me incredible abilities, but even so I was powerless to prevent the destruction those meteors caused on Lincoln City. Now, I have sworn to protect its inhabitants from any future harm!”

Fantasy: “My name is Agomar, and I’m a Wizard!”


Superhero Origins are a Big Thing. They are stuff what movies are made of (far too many movies, imho) and serve to remind us that for many heroes all that differs between them and the rest of us is a single fixed point in time where Everything Changed.

Session One of the Endday Campaign is that single fixed point in time; it’s the origin story for the characters where they live through the trauma of transformation from zero to hero. I’m not going to go into details exactly what happens, but suffice to say it’s gonna be BIG.

Before the Event, they’re standard 4e D&D characters but with only access to their Basic Attacks, their wits and whatever improvised weapons they can scavenge. Afterwards, they’ll have their full complement of 1st level Powers and whatever weapons are listed on their character sheet.

Considering they’re in the middle of an apocalyptic storm surrounded by demons, that’s a Good Thing. Whether it’s enough remains to be seen.

Next: High-Speed D&D, Endday style.

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