8 Comments on “The world needs more barbarian women”

  1. Thought you might have them :D I’m impressed with the Mamandulia set most of all. It’s worth getting just for the swords and poses, and the clothes work very well with magnets applied – for the figure above I just used the Voluptuous morph, used the Magnets to fit it…. done. Nice.

  2. im actually lookin for a good silhouette for a barbarian woman to put on my laptop skin im making… any suggestions? … i love the first 2 on this page…

  3. yeah i have a buddy puttin that second one on a silhouette for me…. shes pretty…. doin her up nicely for my laptop… if its ok with u that i use her for my pc… she goes with my laptops name….

    Thundarria (thund are e a) The Asus Barbarian Warrior Princess


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