Endday, part five

Let’s talk Demons. And my, what a lot of them there are – but only if you pull in sources other than just the first Monster Manual. That erstwhile tome only contains a mere smattering in the entry for Demons – a bite-size morsel, as it were – but add in the critters from Manual of the Planes and Monster Manual II (or, as we like to call it “The Demon Book”) and the list grows from tiny to a pretty impressive size in no time at all. Insert innuendo here.

There’s a demon in da bathroom what ya gonna do?

In fact here’s the list, ordered by Level. As you can see it covers the entire range from the lowliest Dretch to the mighty Balor – a full spread of critters just ripe for use in my Endday campaign. And I plan to use each and every one of ’em. Oh yeah.

Dretch    2    Brute    MMII
Gnaw Demon    5    Skirmisher    MMII
Runespiral Demon    5    Artillery        MMII
Rupture Demon    5    Minion Soldier        MMII
Evistro    6    Brute    MMI
Canoloth    7    Soldier    MotP
Bloodstep Demon    7    Skirmisher(Leader)        MMII
Barlurga    8    Brute    MMI
Neldrazu    8    Lurker    MMII
Mezzodemon    11    Soldier    MMI
Articide Runespiral Demon    12    Artillery    MMII
Needle Demon    12    Controller    MMII
Shadow Demon    12    Elite Lurker    MotP
Vrock    13    Skirmisher    MMI
Canoloth Harrier    13    Minion    MotP
Chasme    14    Skirmisher    MotP
Abyssal Eviscerator        14    Brute    MMII
Immolith    15    Controller    MMI
Pod Demon    15    Elite Artillery    MMII
Podspawn    15    Minion Skirmisher    MMII
Solamith    15    Artillery        MotP
Yochlol    17    Controller    MMII
Bebilith    18    Solo Brute    MMII
Goristo    19    Elite Brute    MMI
Kazrith    20    Lurker    MMII
Hezrou    22    Brute    MMI
Nycademon    22    Skirmisher    MMII
Glabrezu    23    Elite Brute    MMI
Marilith    24    Elite Skirmisher    MMI
Abyssal Rotfiend    26    Controller    MMII
Balor    27    Elite Brute    MMI

Demons are, by nature, chaotic brutes and that’s well represented by the fact that the Brute is far and away the most common monster type, though every type is covered. Precious few Minions though, but thankfully it’s a doddle to Minionize any monster. Dretch, I’m looking at you.

Which brings me to what we’ll look at next time: Building Demonic encounters among modern day locations!

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