Endday, part one

The Endday is coming. There are no prophecies, no warnings, no strange sightings in the sky. But it is coming, and soon. You are powerless to stop it. What will you do?

That’s the basic premise (without giving away too many details) behind the campaign I’m planning for September onward. I love tales like this – it’s a story arc with a fixed beginning and end-point (quite literally, an end-point!) where what the players do can potentially make a world of difference to millions – nay, billions – of people. They can’t save the world, but can they save mankind. And how? Stay tuned, true believers!

Over the next few posts I’m going to reveal a little more about the campaign and my plans. It’s very much a sandbox campaign where the players are free to suggest ideas, plot twists and more as the arc continues, but I’ve a rough outline of how I expect the story to develop. Part of the fun is seeing just how widely actual play diverges from my original notes; and oh, they will diverge. Betchya.

But first, a little about the setting.

You’re living in it.

This is modern-day gaming where the campaign start date is 1st September 2009. The Endday is…… no, I’ll save that for next time where I also reveal which rpg system we’ll be using.

The choice (and why) might, possibly, surprise you.

4 Comments on “Endday, part one”

  1. It’s a good concept; hopefully your players won’t lose their nerve.

    Looking forward to your posts on system & keeping the momentum going – one of the problems I had when running a game like this was the players felt too intimidated by the threats facing them.

    Ironically they had the power to deal with it but their headspace just didn’t allow for that…

  2. @Stargazer You’re right, we could use Savage Worlds or d20 Modern, but (for very good reasons) we’re not :D Wanna know what we’re going to use? Well, I’ll tell you….. soon.

    @satyre The key to keeping momentum and excitement going against overwhelming odds is this: Small Victories. Make sure that the players feel that what they do matters, regardless of whether it really makes a difference in the larger scheme of things.

    “Hey, we lost Manhattan, but at least we saved my dog!”

    @Storyteller Good! Part two will be up later today………..

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