Down and out in old dungeon town

Imagine, for a second, that dungeons were different to how you normally expect them to be. Rather than corridors of ancient claustrophobic stone walls and 10′ rooms with the occasional statue or fountain as dungeon dressing, they look….. well, something like this.


Insanely pleased with how this image turned out. Click to view large.

Picture your dungeon as a living, vibrant undercity, a twisting Victorian town writ large with winding cobblestone alleyways filled with the junk and ephemera of daily life where goblin street vendors shout their wares and orcish toughs gather on corners looking for work from the latest arch-villain wannabe. A city where mind-flayer landlords charge their tenants exorbitant rates for their 10′ square tenement and that roomful of  kobolds you’re about to slaughter is a close-knit family of honest dung farmers.

This is a dungeon filled with noise and life – and one where the “heroes” are clearly the outsiders, little more than unthinking thugs who cleave a brutal path of destruction through the poverty-riddled community. It’s no surprise that they are so hated and attacked on sight.

Admit it, you’d do just the same if adventurers came to your town.

Just a thought.

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