Mech and Manga out now!

From the Short & Sweet Dep’t: Mech & Manga for Mutants & Masterminds is available via PDF from RPG Now. I’m liking what I see so far, and expect a full review Real Soon. In the meantime, go drool over the Preview content here, here, here and here. As is typical of M&M supplements it’s chock full of awesome and provides a thorough, well researched and (above all) fun coverage of the genre.

Or perhaps that should be meta-genre – this supplement covers everything from Wuxia to battlemechs, from schoolgirls battling demons to fighting with pokedigipetamons in arenas, from Dragonball Z to Bleach and far beyond.Even if manga ain’t your thang, there’s more than enough goodness within to inspire and improve your M&M game, whatever the genre, style or setting.

First impressions:  I like.


This one’s mine!

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