Things not to say at the Temple of Pelor


“Actually, I’m more of a night person.”

“Ouch! Too bright! Draw the curtains will ya?!”

“We undead have rights too you know!”

“Phew! We could do with rain. It’s too darned hot!”

“I don’t know what all the fuss is about. It’s just a giant ball of gas.”

“Ha! My barbarian friend here could beat all you wuss Paladins with one arm tied behind his back!”

Can you suggest any more?

6 Comments on “Things not to say at the Temple of Pelor”

  1. More stuff not to say in Pelor’s temple:

    “Is this where the sacrifices are carried out?”

    “Blood and souls for you Arioch!”

    “Hastur, Hastur, Hastur!” (actually it’s probably a good idea not to say this anywhere)

  2. @Stargazer Thanks!

    @William In my campaigns the Church of Pelor is like an exaggerated version of the Catholic Church complete with black-robed Inquisitors, sanctimonious bullying Whitecloak Paladins and gentle elderly parish priests. Pelor is a distant, emotionless god with unfathomable motives. I do like the take on him being secretly evil though. Hmmmm……..

    @by_the_sword Lol! :D Yeahs, it’s never a good idea to shout Hastur’s name. Ever.

    @Dead Orcs But the Raven Queen she has none at all.

    @Sean Spoken like a true adventurer :D

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