Character du Jour: Khorvys, Kord’s Champion

The minotaur stood at the foot of the mountain he called home, though he had never lived there. This was his spiritual home, the place he had first laid eyes upon his god. He remembered, as he always did when he made this pilgrimage, back to when he was a young calf fleeing from the Azers who had released him from their slavepens for the joy of the hunt. And he ran – oh how he ran – in terror and fear while the Azers and their demon mounts nipped at his heels. This was one race he had to win for the sake of his life and very soul. As he ran winning became everything, more important than his life itself. This was a competition, and victory has his only goal.

Then, he saw him. Kord himself stood upon the mountainside, yet seeming at the same time to be stood astride the mountain like the mightiest of giants. Khorvys found an extra burst of speed and ran unquestioningly toward Kord. As he reached him he felt the earth shift beneath his feet, a landslide throwing him to the ground which gained power and force as it reached the Azer slavelords, entirely engulfing them in soil and rock until no sign of them remained.

The minotaur lay face down as a voice awesome in power yet gentle washed over him. “You will be my champion in days to come, young Khorvys. Rest for now. I have sent my followers to find you, tend your wounds and train you for the Endday to come.”

Now fully grown, Khorvys reached the point where Kord had stood. He had long ago erected a temple to his honour, each block cut and placed by his own hand. He raised his arms in prayer.

“Here I stand, Mighty Kord. I am your Champion, as you promised. The Endday is coming, and I am ready.”


Dirty little secret: What is the Endday? There are no prophecies, no clues in the sacred texts, and no signs which foretell it. But Khorvys knows in his heart it is near, and that feeling terrifies him. Only his faih in Kord keeps him from running again.

Notes: Paragon-level Minotaur Paladin of Kord! Horned Champion of Order! Khorvys is one kickass minotaur who was once a slave and is now recognised as one of the foremost warleaders of the age. He is no tactical genius, preferring instead to lead by example and charge into battle, putting his faith in the wisdom of his generals and the might of his soldiers to follow him where he leads. In battle he wears Stoneborn Plate +3 and wields a savage Jagged Greataxe +3. The former was a gift from a grateful Dwarvenhold he helped free from Azer slavery. He is silent about the origin of his greataxe, though it is clearly Githyanki in design.

Download his character sheet, here.

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