Spot the difference: Doctorin' the Twilight

Kudos goes out to Robertson Games for catching this over on twitter..

Here’s Matt Smith as the good Doctor Who and his lovely companion Karen Gillian. She’s playing the unfortunately named Amy Pond. With a name like that you just know that at some point in the series the Doctor is going to shout out “Duck, Pond!”. Probably more than once. Maybe a lot.


They make such a lovely couple. You know you’re getting old when a 900+ year-old Time Lord looks younger than you.

And here’s a poster for a certain movie.


“When you can live forever, what do you live for?” indeed.

Me, I’m more than eager to see what Matt Smith can do with the role. Russell T Davros and the rest haven’t let us down yet, and if they see something special in him that’s all I need to know. From what little we’ve seen so far, I see echoes of a certain other incarnation of the Doctor…………


Maybe it’s the bow tie. but if he pulls out a penny whistle remember you saw it here first!

UPDATE: Good to see I’m not the only one to see the link between Matt Smith and Patrick Troughton :D

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  1. strangely, the bow tie gives me a hell of a lot more faith. It completley dispells any concept of him being the ‘youf’ who and adds a completley different spin. Are we about to see him return to a ‘weird professor’ type?

  2. I might watch this Dr. Who — the companion is really good-looking! (Yes, I’m that shallow. :P ) I also like the general, more “retro” style, and Eleven looks a sight better than Nine, at the very least.

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