Dear NASA, if you want to revitalize eve…

Dear NASA,

if you want to revitalize everyone’s enthusiasm in the conquest and exploration of space, here’s what you need to do.

Hire a six-year old to design your spaceships.

Want proof that this is the solution? Yesterday I spent some time building spaceships with my youngest in DAZ Studio. This was my paltry creation, a pretty standard light assault fighter.


My son, on the other hand, came up with this masterpiece of awesome. I mean, it’s got a feckin’ battering ram on the front! Put a battering ram on the space shuttle, and millions will become your adoring fans.


I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to find many six year old children who will be more than willing you help you, and their fees will be extremely reasonable. Heck, they’d probably work for pizza and candy.

Do this one thing, and everyone will be falling over themselves to give you money, accolades and entering their firstborn children into the astronaut program. I promise you.

Yours, etc.

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