4 Comments on “Caution: Wet Paint”

  1. Clever. Though the fact that she’s supporting her own neck makes it hard to believe she’s sleeping… and then that bit that none of the green paint is sticking anywhere other than her bikini :P.

    Yeah, I’m breakin your balls I know… cool pic, and it really was a clever joke.
    .-= Helmsman´s last blog ..The Endless Frustrations of Writing a Game =-.

  2. @Joey Those 3D guys sure can stare!

    @Helmsman You’ve got a good eye, well spotted. She’s really floating about 6 inches above the sunlounger – I only noticed after I move the camera for another render, and was too lazy to redo it. That’s why her neck looks unsupported.

    I reckon when she sits up there’ll be a bare patch where she slept and the evil painter decided to paint her bikini instead :D

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