Attack Pattern Delta


Back to the spaceships again! Pretty pleased with how this turned out.

Here’s a quick “how I made it” show-n-tell.

1. Grab Bazze’s excellent free Ramjet model. While you’re there gasp in awe at his renders. He’s, like, 10000 times better than I could ever be.

2. Import into DAZ Studio

3. Add lights (I just used my regular Lightdome Pro Draft Cloudy lights). Use a black background and save as a .png file. This makes the background transparent – handy for later.

4. Next, find a suitable space background, move the ship a few times and re-render, saving as a .jpg each time. Like this:




5. Almost done! Load the three “with background” images into Photoshop and paste ’em all into the same document as layers. Use the crude but effective select, inverse selection, edit->clear to put them all on the screen at the same time, then add Motion Blur.

6. Load the .png into Photoshop, and drop that in on it’s ownlayer. Add a touch of Motion Blur to this layer too in the same direction. 2-4 pixels should do it. Flatten, save as .jpg.

7. Done!

For extra bonus points, use Erick Nguyen’s amazing Watercolour Action for Photoshop (available here, number 19 under Sketch Actions) for added awesomeness.


Total time: 20 minutes.

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