DAZ Freebie of the Week: Giant Transforming Robot!

Oh lordy yes.

Did I mention it’s big?

And this ain’t your grandpa’s Transformer neither. This one turns into a frickin’ portable rocket platform! If that’s not enough, it comes with a bigass rifle too, because everyone knows that a rifle is just what you need when you’ve got rocket launchers for arms. Mummy.

Did I mention it’s free?

Anyone want a render of a Transformer versus a Dragon………… ?!?!

6 Comments on “DAZ Freebie of the Week: Giant Transforming Robot!”

  1. Don’t suppose you could stat this guy for mutants and masterminds? I’m trying to work out a way of making a transformer type charcter that can work as both a robot and vehicle. I’m not sure of the mechanics of how to acheive it.

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