One Bullywug Named Steve. Epsilon, that is

Five Bullywugs named Steve, all with a different story to tell. Each one had a different memory of their origin and how they came to be called Steve. Each Steve as unique as the markings on their flesh, yet each one…… oddly, the same.

Only Steve Epsilon knew the truth.

As the saying goes; “never trust the Bullywug at the back”, and that’s where Steve Epsilon preferred to be. Beside the leader, coaxing the eager into battle, always putting others first when danger reared it’s head.

steve epsilonSome may call him coward, and they’d be right. For Steve Epsilon knows the wisdom of hiding, of skulking in the shadows, of learning the secret untold legends of Steve, of the five who would become one when the moons above the swamps were correctly aligned. Epsilon is no mere rogue or footpad, for in his most secretive times he had studied the stars themselves, swearing fealty to the ancient beings far older and more powerful than the gods themselves.

Only Steve Epsilon knew the truth. But was his truth the real one? Only time, and the collective Power of Steve, will tell………….

There are Five Bullywugs Named Steve dotted around the RPG Bloggers Network. Find them all and win a no-prize!

UPDATE: Want to see Steve Epsilon in all his glory? Here’s his Character Sheet for 4e D&D, all primed and ready to play! This Steve is a Bullywug Rogue-1/Star Pact Initiate. But you’d already guessed that, right?


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