Five Bullywugs Named Steve


Probably not coming to a cinema near you!

This must be the silliest campaign idea, ever.

Each character is a Bullywug, and each one is called Steve. What happens next is up to you!

If anyone feels the sudden uncontrollable urge to post Bullywug stats and link back here, feel free. We understand.

In the meantime, don’t forget 83 Far Futures. 83 sci-fi images!$4! Cheap!

Away, my Bullywug loving minions! Away!

13 Comments on “Five Bullywugs Named Steve”

  1. All of the Battletoads games were super fun (and some were insanely difficult)!

    Greywulf: If I can lay some friendly artistic criticism out, I’d like to. :) Let me know if you’re okay with it or if you’d like it to be via e-mail instead!

    Bartoneuss last blog post..Maverick Cake Hunter

  2. Great! I know you probably did this image quickly, but here are my thoughts on it:

    – It’s incredibly dark! It doesn’t seem to be a concious choice to make it dark, because detail and definition are lost on the figures.

    – I really only see 3 bullywugs, just 2 of them have twins. :D

    If you were going to revise it, these would be the first two things I’d work on! Again, I mean this to be friendly and constructive criticism, not trying to bash it or anything.
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  3. @Bartoneus Thanks for the feedback! You’re right, I threw this image together in about 15 minutes or so, and would do it differently if it was for anything other than just a blogpost.

    That’s partly why the image is so dark (and that’s after I lightened it in Photoshop!), because I made the the back two Bullywug’s legs invisible rather than messing about posing them properly – which mean the area under their bodies needed to be in shadow to hide the fact. Hence, dark image. Lazy, I know.

    Also, I’ve only 3 textures for this figure, and didn’t feel the urge to make a new one. Laziness is a driving force again.

    Maybe, just maybe, I’ll spend a little more time with this and do it properly sometime. We’ll see.

    Seriously, I value negative criticism. I’d much rather folks say “this doesn’t work because………” instead of just saying nothing or being faux polite. You can’t improve if everyone keeps saying you’re brilliant (especially when it’s not true) :D

    Thanks again!

  4. @Greywulf: I’d say next time you could still spotlight the figures from the front, and just fake the shadows (in Photoshop if need be) to hide the legs. Dramatic lighting could really help, and make the figures stand out more! It doesn’t have to be 100% realistic lighting, I’d just like to see some more definition in it and your work that is more defined is really where you do excellent work!

    @Vulcan Stev: Clones can still have distinctive features, even if they are the same color/texture! Weapons come to mind, for one. Wait, didn’t someone do that already? Some sort of Italian renaissance painters….? :D
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  5. @VulcanStev They don’t all need to be clones. I like to assume that Steve is a common bullywug name and The Steve Project just adapted it for their genetic engineering project. Make your Steve what ever you want.

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