83 Far Futures

Like science fiction? Want images? How about these!


…… or these, maybe.


I’ve collated 83 of my sci-fi themed images into one big (30Mb!) zipfile, all primed and ready for you to use as inspiration, concept art or for non-commercial and commercial projects (though a credit is nice if they’re used commerically. Thanks!).

Want them?

Drop just $4 (four bucks! cheap!)  into my PayPal account here and they’re yours. Yes, yours.

I’ve not categorized this as an RPG post because I don’t want to fall foul of the RPG Bloggers Network Dire Pixies (they bite, you know). But if any kind soul wants to link to this page and spread the word, I ain’t complaining………..

See you among the stars!

4 Comments on “83 Far Futures”

  1. Oh, I forgot to mention.

    This is a bit of an experiment. If it goes well I foresee 83 Superheroes, 83 Fantasy Heroes, 83 Cute Pictures of Puppies, etc.

    So, if you want that to happen, you know what to do!

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