At the Court of the Bullywug King

court of the bullywug king

I’m on a bit of a Bullywug kick right now. I think that’s down to the write-up in the 4e Monster Manual 2 – Bullywugs as written are officially The Most Pathetic Race Ever. I mean; even Kobolds would smack these guys down. C’mon! Where’s the Bullywug love?

Bullywug love…. ewwwwwww………. No, I ain’t rendering that.

For a start, the picture of the Bullywugs in the MM2 makes them look like the Ninja Turtles’ redneck cousins. If that’s not bad enough your heroes actually gain Hit Points for scoring a Critical on these guys. “Nature is thanking you” or somesuch rubbish. Oh, please.

Then there’s the Mucker’s Bullywug Rush ability. It makes an attack and if it hits, you’re knocked prone. Fair enough. But if it misses, HE FALLS PRONE! Way to go, comedy clown pratfalling Bullywug!

I can’t decide whether they’re designed as light relief or just not designed at all. I’ve just got to run them to find out.

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  1. While waiting for MM2 to come out, I had to design my own Bullywugs since we were playing in the Vast Swamp of Greyhawk. I used 4e Kobolds as a template. They ended up having a sort of “Bullywug Rush” type attack, but they didn’t fall prone if they failed it.

    I think I’ll stick with my version. I have a Minion, Darter (Artillery), Skirmisher, and Shaman (Controller/Leader) that I’ll send/post if you’re interested. anarkeith (at) gmail (dot) com.

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