Downtime decisions

It’s all quiet on the role-playing front here at Greywulf Towers. Summer is upon us and that means vacations and whatnot play havoc with the game group. Rather than try to match up diaries and turn the whole thing into something that feels like workstuff meeting scheduling, we call a halt for a few months.

This gives us time to rest, relax and come back all buzzing with ideas. Right now, I’m pondering what to do. We’ve three campaigns ongoing – a 4e D&D one set in and around Nentir Vale in Cardolan, the eternal and world-spanning (nay, multiverse-spanning) Superheroes Campaign, and our young and exciting Ptolus-based Warriors & Warlocks campaign which has briefly supplanted our Supers’ campaign while we try out the new kid on the block.

That’s one too many, and something has to give.

I have the germ of an idea which involves pulling Ptolus into the Modern World and having superheroes meet fantasy in a demonic Battle Supreme. Or something. Either that, or have the 4e game become virtual using Gametable and keep W&W and M&M as our core campaign systems. Or play High-Speed D&D with the boys for kicks. Or……. We’ll see.

Decisions, decisions.

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  1. So, how do you keep the group focused on the idea of getting back together? For me it has always been near-death experiences with Christmas or summer vacations in the middle of a campaign. After a long break it seems harder to get people to make a night a week free for gaming again.

    Andreas Davours last blog post..Let’s shake up combat!

  2. @Andreas Good question! I reckon the main way is to keep the momentum going by sharing the planning. Keep the conversations, emails and chats going through the downtime and (where possible) give each player something to do to flesh out the world or his character. For our superheroes game we all take a turn the DM’ing and it’s very much a shared world; one of our group is planning a Brazil-themed adventure later in the year, and another member was evil plans for Australia, apparently. So far, that’s all I know :D

    For 4e D&D I’m the lone GM, so I’m sending out silly ideas ‘n’ stuff to the players to see what grabs their interest. From there, a campaign will be made. Or not, as the case may be.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Maybe that’s the way to do it. Keeping the conversation going so nobody forgets there’s a game to come back to. Thanks!

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