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  1. That… that’s pretty awesome. It gives me an idea. If I gave you a descriptive write-up, would you write stat blocks and related materials and post it? (I’m itchin’ to get some design started, and plus! this image is inspirational.)

    (The comment box is only 3 lines high, which is awkward to comment with, especially if I want to remember what I was writing immediately prior. [Firefox 3.0.10 on Mac OS 10.5.7])

  2. @benpop Sure! Just tell me what you want and I’ll see what I can do. I make renders for folks on an “if you like it and can afford to, hit the Donate button and drop a few dollars in the pot” basis.

    I’ve been meaning to fix a small bug in the CSS related to the comment box size for a while, but never got around to it. Now, I’ve done it, and you should see a bigger comment box if you hit reload. Better? :D

    @Stev I agree, that would look better! I might well revisit the zebrataur in the future and do just that. We’ll see.

    @Helmsman Thanks! Zebrataurs ftw!

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