The Ten Doctors: Best thing I've read for a long time

From the short and sweet dep’t:

Love Doctor Who? Want to read a Doctor Who graphic novel that’s 10,000 times better than anything you’ll see in an “Official” Doctor Who comic, ever? What if it’s funny, sympathetic, shows mastery of the whole Who mythos and is also a darned good yarn to boot? And free? (though donations are gratefully accepted)

Thought so.

Download The Ten Doctors by Rich in it’s 247-page entirety and say goodbye to a few hours of your life as you’re drawn into a story that ties in all of the Doctors, his companions, all major enemies and more than a bushel of cameos from pretty much everyone else.

Rich has completely nailed the different characters and personalities of the Doctors and his allies, and it’s drawn in a style that that at first feels crude and unfinished, but ends up being perfect for the tale. By the end, I’ll bet you can’t imagine it having been drawn any other way. It’s superb from start to finish.

This is one 10 that gets 10 out of 10.

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