Sometimes, just occasionally, I get bored of making images of people. So I make images of spaceships instead. Here’s a handful I created last night, just for you. They were are built in DAZ Studio from component parts then prettified in Photoshop. Enjoy.


Here’s the Ettin-class fighter, a light 20 ton non-jump capable craft that’s as agile as it is deadly. The dorsal mounted fixed laser packs a hefty punch, and the dorsal wing itself acts as a heatsink, as well as aiding the maneuverability both in atmosphere and space. Reports that these craft have been known to overheat and explode are viewed as nothing more than liberal peacenick scaremongering.

The most unusual feature of the Ettin is the twin-cockpit design. It’s been shown repeatedly that two crew are better than one. While a single pilot/gunner can fly the craft, an extra set of eyes and hands makes the job so much easier, and the craft much more efficient. When the Ettin was first released into service it was criticized as a cost-cutting measure (after all, a crew member is much cheaper to replace than a ship) but their worth and capabilities in battle have silenced all but the most vocal objectors to the design.

The 40 ton Stirge-class skiff is a common sight in many starports – usually because it’s being repaired or refit in some way. Nicknamed “the Uglibug”, this non-jumping craft is certainly showing it’s age. Stirges almost a hundred years old are still seeing service as light interplanetary hoppers, boys’ toys and homes-from-home among the geriatric community. There is room for two comfortably (or up to 4 if they get along real well), and the back compartment is commonly fitted with a small kitchenette, living area (which converts to a sleeping space) and card table. The pilot seats themselves fold down to make an additional bed, if required. Some people have taken to their craft wholeheartedly and rarely stop in one place for long. There are entire racks of magazines devotes to “Stirging”, as it’s known. A large group of Stirges (commonly known as “a flock”) can descend on a single starport and completely decimate it’s supplies of boiled sweets, toilet paper and tea bags in a matter of hours.

The Turtle-class 1,000 ton heavy freighter is the slow but steady workhorse of the shipping lanes. It is essentially a huge, heavily armoured cargo space with a set of huge, equally heavily armoured engines strapped to the back. Most pirates and corsairs lack the firepower to even scrape the hull, and the few who try find themselves ostracised by everyone else as these ships often carry the most essential items of space life – fresh water and pure air. Massed space battles have been known to halt while one of these mighty craft slowly crossed the void.

The front of the Turtle reveals the original purpose of this ship design. The crew’s living quarters are separated from the rest of the craft by a long arm which contains a walkway and many security locks. These were originally slave ships, their vast holds designed to house lifeforms in squalid conditions while they were being shipped to labour camps across the galaxy. Thankfully, that trade has long gone. Mostly.

On the ground, modern starship design has found a niche in the form of gravitic battletanks. These combine hull-grade armour with weapons designed to punch a hole in…. uhhh…. hull-grade armour. The king of the all is, of course, The Ogre. This is a veritable anti-grav City of Mobile Death – and here’s it’s smaller, faster cousin, The Troll. This is a “first wave” gravtank designed to enter a contested area ahead of the main troops, do as much damage as possible then head back to report. See one of those suckers in your back yard, and it’s time to move home.

Finally, here is the darling of traders everywhere – the Greywulf-class 200 ton Free Trader. It’s a ship that is designed to adapt to it’s customers needs with a spacious 88 ton cargo hold that can be used as anything from labspace to private swimming pool, sauna and gym. While the stock design is unarmed, only a foolist shippers ignore the importance of good artillery – the one above is equipped with a turret mounted missile rack and lower belly pulse cannon.

I’m pretty pleased with how these all turned out. Not bad for a few hours tinkering while watching CSI, eh? :D


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  1. and completely decimate it’s supplies of boiled sweets, toilet paper and tea bags in a matter of hours.

    You are a silly man.

    But just to be pedantic, decimate means to kill 1 in 10 and was once a way of punishing rebellious Roman legions. It is a good word with a fine history and I don’t like to see it misused.

    Chris Tregenzas last blog post..Slowly Returning To Life

  2. @Stargazer Yeh. I toned it down too while fiddling but decided I liked the psychedelic version better in the end. I think it grew on me.

    Tell me what you need and I’ll see what I can do………

  3. that must be an Ogre Mk I? it’s certainly not a III, IV, Fencer, or V.
    i like the side-slung gatling, particularly.

  4. @Helmsman DAZ Studio can indeed create animations – very good ones too. I don’t do many because they’re very time consuming to do. Setting them up isn’t so bad, but rendering even just a 30 second animation ties my little laptop up for ages while it renders 900 frames. Ouch.

    If you want any static images creating, mail me your requests and I’ll look them over. Thanks!

  5. 1. You tell me what you want
    2. If I can do it, I make it and mail the render to you
    3. If you like it, toss a few dollars (or more, if you can afford it) into my PayPal account – greywulf(at), all donations gratefully accepted, y’all
    4. Profit!

    Simple, really! :D

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