d20 Modern RPG Week Day One

The Past, so they say, is a big place – and the Future doubly so. But the Now….. the Now is infinite.

d20 Modern is a role-playing game that exclusively deals with the Now in all it’s infinite variety, and additional supplements pushed this rather excellent and under-rated game toward the Future and back into the Past. More on those though, another time.

For those that don’t know, d20 Modern is Wizards of the Coast’s unloved bastard stepchild rule-system. It was released with much fanfare and net coverage back in 2002 and promptly divided the potential fanbase between those who loved it, and those who hated it. Any of this sound familiar?

d20 Modern’s own official website has seen ne’er an update since 2007; to all intents and purposes the system was cruelly dropped by Wizards of the Coast without so much as a farewell or so long and thanks for all the fish. The site itself is excellent and well worth a trawl through; it’s chock full of adventures, modern day maps, hints, tips and web enhancements. There’s more than enough to keep any campaign going for years, and the quality speaks highly of just how much the developers (including Jeff Grubb and Stan!) loved the system they’d created.

And so they should. The most damning criticism I’ve heard of d20 Modern is “I don’t like the Wealth system” – and if that’s all folks have to complain about it must be good, right?

Oh gods yes.

And I’ll tell you why. Tomorrow.

If you want to take a look at d20 Modern yourself the majority of the system is freely available under the OGL. Here’s a  HTML version of the rules (mirror of the zipfile). Enjoy.

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  1. I love d20 Modern. Back in 2002, I ran a year long Modern campaign, centered around a group of thieves in Las Vegas. The system is solid and easy, the character classes flexible and interesting. The wealth system is not the easiest to use, but you can dump it for straight cash, but its worth trying.

    WoTC release a number of interesting books for the system; d20 Future being one of my favorites.

    Nice to see someone giving d20 Modern the attention it deserves.

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