I Haz Pirates!

If you’re living here in the UK, run (don’t walk) to your nearest Works bargain bookstore. They’re selling Wizkids games for stupidlow prices including Heroclix boosters for a couple of pounds, the Star Wars Pocketmodel TCG series for 99 shiny pennies and… yes…. pretty much the entire line of Pirates for just 99p.

My Inner Child has taken ecstasy this day, and is floating. What’s not to love about popping out teensy pirate ships then using them to blow each other to hell? And the packs contain what must be the Worlds’ Smallest D6s. Official.

I picked up a pack of Pirates of the Cursed Seas, Pirates of the Mysterious Islands and Star Wars Tactics:The Clone Wars for just under three quid, giving me 4 ocean going vessels, a republic attack shuttle and 2 Hailfire Droids. Not that I’d use the Star Wars models in a pirates game, of course………

“Aaaarrrr there do be a disturbance in the Force, there be.”

STOP IT! Bad Jedi Pirate thought! Bad.

Ahem. Pirates. Buy one pack for 99p, and you’ve got a fun two-player game. Buy more, and you’ve got an entire freakin’ armada for under a tenner.

What are you waiting for? Run!

(and when you get back, remember that the closing date for the Chainmail Bikini Pirate contest is real soon! Arrrrrr!)

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  1. Arrgh. I’ve been keeping a sharp eye out for someone selling off old stock, but to no avail. I could always use a few more pounds of crack, er, pirate ships.

  2. Our Poundstretcher had a brick or two of HeroClix the other day (I nabbed a few packs for 99p each), but will go again tomorrow and see if they’ve got any pirates. Can nevre have too many pirates!!!

    Acrobatic Fleas last blog post..The Week In Geek…

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