Conan the Bard

Ahhhh Conan. The archetypal Bar……. WHAT? Bard? You been smokin’ those Myconids again, ain’tchya Grey? Bear with me here, and I’ll convince you that not only is Conan is kissass awesome Bard, it’s the only logical class choice for the mighty Cimmerian. Read on.

Let’s start with Conan’s Race shall we? Clearly, there’s only one choice. Half-Elf. Cimmerians are descendants of the ancient Atlanteans, and everyone knows that the original residents of Atlantis were elves. So, Conan is a Half-Elf. An outsider. Yep. That fits.

Starting at 1st level, Conan’s stats are as follows:

Str 12, Con 16, Dex 13, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 18

He’s tough, wiry, smarter than average and surrounded by an aura of awesome. He takes the Fighter’s Cleave as a per Encounter Power thanks to the Half-Elven Dilettante ability, and Sneak of Shadows gives him the Thievery skill training and Sneak Attack. He’s starting life as a triple-classed Bard/Fighter/Rogue. That’s his bloody swathe cutting sorted, right there.

On to his Bard Powers. This Conan is all about The Look. If this were Third Edition D&D, he’d have Perform(Intimidate) and he’s not afraid to use it. His blade is his instrument and his dance is death itself. Or something.

As this is 4e D&D, for his at-will Powers he takes Guiding Strike and War Song Strike. Both are melee weapon based and based of his Aura of Conan… I mean, his Charisma. His attacks are true and his blade is keen not because he’s the strongest or biggest – but because he’s fuckin’ Conan! Oh yeh.

War Song Strike is a doozy. Conan hits, and anyone else who joins in his slaughter (ie, hits the same target) feels invigorated (gains temporary hit points) because they’re fighting alongside Conan himself! He takes Inspiring Refrain as a per Encounter to further let his allies bask in his awesomeness and Slayer’s Song as his Daily. There is no greater Conanesque Power on the planet. Add in Conan’s Sneak Attack, and the poor victim might as well kneel down and beg to be run through by his sheer awesomeness.

At level 2, Conan the Bard takes Warrior of the Wild, so he’s now effectively a quadruple-classed Bard/Fighter/Rogue/Ranger. This gives him the Nature Skill and Hunter’s Quarry to hearken to Conan’s time in the wilderness of his homeland. For his Utility Power he takes Inspire Competence – which roughly translates to “do it or I’ll cut your hands off.”. Inspiring words, indeed.

Conan’s 3rd level brings him the Cunning Ferocity Encounter Power. This is a pure evil wolfpack tactic power – Conan hits, then the rest of the pack descend on the same foe. Conan is nothing if not brutal.

4th level brings sees Conan boost his Strength and Dexterity and taking the Berserker’s Fury Feat – he’s now a quintuple-classed Bard/Fighter/Rogue/Ranger/Barbarian who is a minor god of death. Alone, he’s deadly. Among allies, he’s a black hole of deathness inspiring his comrades with his aura of Simply Being Conan.

When Conan hits 5th level he takes Satire of Bravery – a Close Blast Daily Power which damages foes simply for being close to him and being foolish enough not to run away. This is a Power shared only by Conan and Shatner, Conan’s long-lost descendant.

Finally, The mighty Conan the Bard reaches 6th level and takes the Inspiring Leader Feat. He’s now a Bard/Fighter/Rogue/Ranger/Barbarian/Warlord (Owwww!) – this is Conan the Reaver, Slayer, Warlord and destined to be King. Song of Conquest is his new Utility Power as his awesomeness inspires his comrades to new heights.

Arm him with a longsword, dress him in chainmail, and he’s done.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you……..

CONAN THE BARD! <- Link is dead, I’m looking for a backup, ‘kay. Thx.

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  1. Sorry GW, interesting though this character sounds, I just don’t see Conan with a Str of 12. Based on the way the books describe him and the many feats of strength he performs, that is (wrestling and throttling rather large creatures to death with his bare hands on a number of occasions). Also he wasn’t that much of a team player, more of a lone wolf.

    Hope your man is proficient in heavy armour use – Conan wore full harness in one of his battles and it was remarked that it suited him more than any high-born knight!

    Lurkinggherkins last blog post..The Trap

  2. @Lurkinggherkin Depends where in his career you’re looking. As a youth he was described as having tight rangy muscles like a panther and clad in a chain shirt – that’s what I had in mind for him at 1st level at the start of his career. As the stories evolved he became more massive and muscled – and became a tactical leader of men too, including a mercenary group and eventually an entire army.

    That’s what I wanted to show at the character levels progressed – a changing, evolving Conan as the legend progresses. I took this to 6th Level; head into the Epic Tier and I don’t doubt he’d be able to perform downright amazing feats of strength.

  3. How was your skill selection?

    If you got nature by ranger multiclassing, how do you get stealth?

  4. Hail !

    First of all it is a shame that you adventurers speak about a Hero misarebly as this.

    Conan is the adventurer.He is the pirate of seven (or how many seas are there at Hyborian ages).He is the conquerer.He is Teh King (not of his won country but another one he was passing by…also sceneraio was stolen and used at King KULL;(teh Grandfather of Conan himself)the movie as I remeber.!] the movie.

    I do not even want to think what will Conan do to you dogs ! (Rpg here) when he comes back with his mates.(He-Man,Rambo,Rocky,Punisher,Judge Dredd,Bravestarr and the rest of his gang)

    So I am off before they arrive !

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