Character du Jour: Roswyn

“Where are ya you little runt?! Ah, I hear you. What? How did you…..” “Behind you!” “Aaaargh…. THUMP!”

Roswyn remembers the first time she saw humans fighting with longswords, their blades clashing and flashing in the sunlight. That’s when she knew who she wanted to be. Not some grubby pickpocket or sneak thief like her brothers, or a Mage like her half-deaf mad uncle Borys. She was going to be a fighter, using her innate Gnomish talents for misdirection as well as a longsword to right wrongs and gain fame and fortune!

Since that time she’s left her ancestral homeland and learned from various human Fighters’ Guilds. Even though she’s small of stature she’s tough, and learned how to use her Strength to best effect. In combat she wields her Longsword two-handed, the blade flashing in the sunlight………


Dirty little secret: Roswyn’s clan is more than a little disappointed that she has taken up Tall Folk ways and have put word out in the Gnomish underground there’s a price for her safe return to the fold. Or unsafe return, for that matter.

Notes: Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter Gnome Fighter. Oh yeh.

Roswyn, Good Female Gnome Fighter-1
Str 16, Con 13, Dex 12, Int 13, Wis 10, Cha 16
HP 28 bloodied 14 surges 7×10/day
AC 17 (Scale), Fort 15, Ref 11, Will 13
Low-light Vision, Init +1

Athletics +8, Endurance +6, Streetwise +8, Common, Elven
Weapon Expertise (Heavy Blade), Combat Challenge, One-handed style, Reactive Stealth, Trickster’s Cunning

Longsword +8 vs AC, 1d8+3
Cleave/w +8 vs AC, Footwork Lure/w +8 vs AC
Fade Away/e, Ghost Sound/e, Passing Attack/e +8 vs AC
Villain’s Menace/d +8 vs AC

7 Comments on “Character du Jour: Roswyn”

  1. Gnomish underground? Man, that’s nine kinds of awesome.

    I ran a 3.5 D&D game once where one of the players ran a Gnomish barbarian, on account of the Constitution bonus. Fun character, until he got mysteriously lost in the desert because we couldn’t find his character sheet.

  2. @Oddysey Gnomes are scary. There’s this entire Mafia-like organization that spreads through their culture but no-one talks about. Anyone crosses the Gnomestu, and they disappear. That’s probably what happened to your player’s Gnome barbarian. Them Gnomes don’t like folks deviating from the Gnomic way of life.

    At the head of the organization sits the Gnomefather, a powerful, ruthless leader who’ll do anything to keep the family together………

  3. @Reis Thanks! She was mucho fun to render too.

    @shent_lodge I agree. 3e gnomes did nothing for me (so to speak), but I’m liking the 4e ones more and more.

    @Oddysey I reckons gnomes invented the first hair dyes, and change their hair colour regularly. Roswyn marks her rebellion by always keeping hers the shade shade of blue.

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