Theme change day at Greywulf's Lair

I has new theme. Like it?

This is the rather lovely Lothlorien theme by Karen Blundell, so all kudos and credits goes to she. It’s three-column without being fussy or over-crowded, and fantasy rather than corporate. Good stuff.

Themes are tricky beasts at best. 99% are meh, and the remaining 1% are used by everyone else. It’s rare indeed to find one that appeals to reader and writer alike; I, for example, much prefer a simple minimalist one-column layout with no sidebars whatsoever. This emphasises the important stuff – the content. Readers on the other hand prefer a helping hand. They like to see their names in the Recent Comments, and their own blog in the Blogroll. Categories and tag clouds provide nagivation and context to the blog, and the sidebar is the place to link directly to the most popular pages on your site. Sidebars given customer friendliness.

So, it’s a balancing act between what I like, and what you, gentle reader, want.

I hope this one finds approval.

Coming up: Another DAZ Studio tutorial (layering renders in Photoshop!), and a rather special RPG Week begins on Monday.

And I still want to know why the Chainmail Bikini Pirate is angry. Closing date is 16th May!

10 Comments on “Theme change day at Greywulf's Lair”

  1. I on;y have one problem, there seems to be no way to navigate from one recent post to the next you used to have a previously… thing at the bottom, am I missing it?

  2. yeah, man all better. Now I an steal characters du jour for my games until my hearts content.

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