Dungeons and dot dot dot

Imagine for a moment that the game isn’t Dungeons & Dragons, but instead, it’s Dungeons &….. something else beginning with the letter D. Here’s a few suggestions- feel free to add to the list.

And don’t forget that I want to know why the Chainmail Bikini Pirate is angry! You could win a copy of Moldvay D&D!

Dungeons & Dinosaurs
The dinos didn’t die out – they moved underground! Battle T-Rexes in vast caverns! Replace kobolds with raptors! Outwit the Stegosaurus Shaman! And much, much more!

Dungeons & Ducks
Glorantha meets Faerun and the Ducks have taken over. Chaos Broos roam the lands and the only place of safety is in the ancient dungeons of our forefathers – among the ducks. Are they as cute and fluffy as they first appear? Or are they hatching more than just eggs?

Dungeons & Dynamite
I can see you smiling already. There are dungeons. You have dynamite. What happens next?

Dungeons & Demons
Hell is below us – literally. A Mantle of Faith protects we surface dwellers from them, but declining belief and acts of great evil can weaken the Mantle and demons can sometimes break through. Can Our Heroes battle the demonic forces on the surface then dare to take the war deep into the bowels of Hell itself?

Dungeons & Dominos
Lay out those battlemats and get those dominos ready! It’s time for some domino rally fun – dungeon style! Can you lay out the dominos through the dungeon without setting them off too early? Watch out for traps and beware of Kobolds stealing your pieces! Coming soon, to a store near you……………….

Dungeons & Daleks
I would so totally play this. Totally. Drop all of Doctor Who’s villains into a dungeon and stand well back. One gamer is The (Dungeon) Master, and the others are Time Lords and Assistants. Find the Key to Time to get to the next level. Good Luck.

Dungeons & Dogs
Dogs in the Vineyard meets D&D. Our Heroes are Divine-classed envoys tasked with spreading the word and thwarting evil in the frontier settlements deep underground. Sins and demonic influence are a constant peril for those who do not see the Light of The Sun, and it is the Sunrod Wielder’s thankless duty to ensure that The Light endures, even in this darkest of realms. Guns optional.

Over to you. Dungeons &………. what?

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  1. I think there’s a very good chance that the real “world’s more popular roleplaying game” might be described as Dungeons & Domination. But I ain’t doing the polls to prove it.

  2. Dungeons & Doritos
    Isn’t this what the game is already?

    Dungeons & Dungeons
    It would just be one giant crawler level 1-20. Almost like AEG’s World’s Largest Dungeon.

  3. Dungeons & Douches. Imagine the dungeon run by the worst douches.

    Dungeons & Ditches. It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. A RPG where you play as plumbers from the Sewage department.

    Dungeons & Death. Does sound like a viable game no? Only the fittest survive.

    Dungeons & Darkness. Sounds like a band.

    Dungeons & Dangers. Indiana Jones would be proud.

    Dungeons & Drakes. A D&D lite version for kids.

  4. Dungeons & Dervishes!
    Players are Arabic dancing heroes whirling through dusty halls!

    Dungeons & Dreidels!
    Players are Jewish child heroes whirling toys through dusty halls!

    Dungeons & Daikatanas!
    Players are Japanese warriors scraping unwieldy polearms along dusty halls!

  5. Dungeons & Dreadnoughts – Enter a world of dark caverns and 20th century battleships in the ultimate drydock. Big guns and steam engines with your orcs and goblins; and whatever you do don’t press the Fire button!

    Dungeons & Dragoons (has this been done yet?) – Ride to your encounters and dismount and fight monsters with matchlock and scattergun and cold steel just like Sharpe! Artwork guaranteed to make female RPGers get distracted…

    Dungeons & Deadhouses – The roleplaying game of dungeons and mortuaries. Can you determine who killed the monsters and bring them to justice? Bonus XP for dialogue in the manner of Grissom or Horatio followed by The Who? samples.

    Dungeons & Defenestration – In which unpopular regimes or participants are propelled by force out a nearby glazed aperature, preferably from altitude. If you can make this coloured glass you get extra XP.

    Dungeons & Demiurges – Where the characters endure hellish torment while confronting their beliefs and the realisation there are multiple creative forces who don’t always mean you well. Kult in other words.

    Dungeons & Demonolatry – Where the characters must perform ritual acts of demonic worship in order to plunder dungeons and gain treasure. See Jack Chick. See Jack Chick run. Run, Jack Chick, run.

    Dungeons & Dentiloquy – All dialogue in the dungeon to be performed in the manner of Jack Palance or Clint Eastwood.

    Dungeons & Dipsomaniacs – The original D&D drinking game; playable by anyone with the inclination when the sun is past the yardarm. Just try not to target the gazebo with your magic missile.

    satyres last blog post..big damn villains

  6. Dungeons & Dolls – Something for the ladies who like to play house.

    Dungeons & Dignitaries – A RPG where your mission is to steal the treasure as diplomatic as possible.

    Dungeons & Dumber – A no-brainer hack and slash RPG. (wait, again sounds like 4E)

    Dungeons & Deathtraps – We’re talking about a real dungeon now!

    Dungeons & Daggers – Yeah, that’s your only weapon.

    Questing GMs last blog post..Questing’s Reading – 26/4/09

  7. Dungeons & Darths. Only two types of monsters: the 1HD Troopers with their -10 to hit, and the awesome Darths, 30HD Fighter/Clerics with magic swords and fancy magic powers.

  8. Dungeons & Doxies – when you have enough money to get an extra bit of entertainment

    Dungeons & Doofuses – when dummies actually step inside

  9. Dungeons & Divas – Sing your way out of the dungeon or be voted out of the party

    Dungeons & Dancers – Dance your way out of the dungeon or be voted out of the party

    Dungeons & Donalds – Solve the dungeon or You’re Fired

    Dungeons & Disney – You are trapped in never ending series of Disney movies and you must defeat the villians from each film.

    Dungeons & Demagouges – Nobody ever actually enters the dungeon they just stand around and argue over which version of the dungeon is better

  10. I can’t wait to get a hold of my copy of Dungeons and Dentistry. Armed with deadly brushes and vials of strange rinses, brave plaque warriors scour the wretched recesses of the gods’ poorly maintained oral cavity.

    And from the folks that brought you Dungeons and Dentistry, now face the challenges in the exciting new game, Dungeons & Drinks. Play an iconic brat-packer armed with a drink in one hand, and a microphone in the other. Rid urban Las Vegas of people who are simply not cool enough to wear a tuxedo before 6:00pm.

    Dead Orcss last blog post..World Building: Smokefire Bay

  11. dungeons and dipsticks
    traverse harrowing levels and fight terrible monsters in search of rare parts for your 1973 dodge charger

    dungeons and dreadlocks
    enter the mazes, mon. breathe deep, leave babylon, and find Jah.

    dungeons and dingos
    they ate your baby, now its time to take up your blade and seek revenge in their dark warrens

  12. Dungeons and Diamonds: You’re diamond hunters in Africa and you learn of the underground cities of an ancient civilization… and their vast diamond hordes.

    Dungeons and Disco: The 1970s Underground. Mind Flayers in leisure suits?

    Dungeons and Daschunds: You’re a wiener-dog, bred for tunnels. Nothing can stand in your way!

    Dungeons and Dormitories: The college supplement to Violence

    Stuarts last blog post..Netbook at the gaming table

  13. Alrighty, just let me pull out my dictionary . . .

    Dungeons & Delinquents – Think looting dungeons is a tough job? Try it while weaving your way thru packs of snot-nosed, hacky-sac playing brats who snicker at your unfashionable 1st Ed. Armour.

    Dungeons & Domiciles – Once you’ve cleared out the Dungeon, how do you squeeze out the last ounce of profit from it? You sell it! This exciting game of real-estate sales includes complete descriptions for hundreds of monsters and arch-villains – including such important stats as credit rating, buyer fatigue, and haggling skill.

    Dungeons & Diapers – As long as wandering heroes keep slaying monsters, Dungeons will need new monsters! Where are they going to come from? In this exciting roleplaying game, YOU play the nursemaid to the next generation of marauding fiends. Watch out for those dragons when they’re colicky!

    Dungeons & Destriers – For the biggest, nastiest monsters, real heroes bring along 2000 pounds of wartrained, plated-armoured fury and a lance. Run down and skewer the toughest beasts in this new game of subterranean feudalism – but watch out for those 90 degree corners!

  14. Dungeons & Dockworkers – An exciting game of mob intrigue, smuggling, and cement shoes.

    Dungeons & Drapery – Someone needs to ensure all those evil lairs are well-decorated! Are your color scheming skills good enough to outwit your enemies?

    Dungeons & Duchesses – Hey, you’ve got to have someone to spend all that loot on. Can you time your adventures so you’re around when her husband is not?

    Dungeons & Destinies – Hack’n’slash? What’s that? Every game guaranteed to have century-spanning epic story arcs.

    Dungeons & Derricks – Can you ensure that the spice keeps flowing?

  15. Dungeons & Damnation – Your sinful lifestyle has led you to the appropriate end. Fight your way out of the Nine Hells to prove that even death can’t keep you down!

    Dungeons & Dells – The new exciting MMORPG! Can you clear out the dungeon before your motherboard dies – again? (Based on a true life story.)

    Dungeons & Delphi – Unwravel the mythic prophecy, and follow it to glory and gold.

    Dungeons & Dolphins – You thought terrestrial monsters were tough? Fight the terrors of the deeps while mounted on your trusty dolphin steed.

    Dungeons & Dollars – You’re the manager of a popular RPG company. How many supplements can you write? Will your online service be up in time? Roll the dice, and find out!

    Dungeons & Dirtbags – Based on the popular Dungeons & Doughnuts cop RPG, but with an even zanier cast of characters and fewer references to the actual criminal justice system! Because you can never have too many cop RPGs.

    Dungeons & Danes – Either based in Denmark, or about very large dogs; we’re not sure. Something seems to have gotten lost in translation.

  16. Dungeons & Doppelgangers – Crawl through underground lairs and kill vicious monsters – if you can tell who they are.

    Dungeons & Darwinism – Only the fittest will survive.

    Dungeons & Drachmas – Fight evil and amass loot in ancient Greece.

    Dungeons & Drag-racing – I have no idea what this would be, except that it would be awesome.

  17. dungeons and drow
    adventure through winding labyrinths where EVERY GAWDSDAMNED MONSTER wields two scimitars.

    dungeons and dills
    buckle thy swash and ready thy gherkin, for the dark halls of the koshermancer beckon!

  18. Dungeons and Dentists: adventure in the labyrinthic dental caries of a gargantuan monster. Also known as Dungeon and Drool.

    Dungeons and Drugs: gloaming fungi and very psychedelic rooms. Most enemies are Hippiegryphs.

    Dungeons and Dates: for geeky teen girls.

    Dungeons and Drills: create you own dungeon with you own high-tech mechanized vehicle.

    Dungeons and Dalmats: for moms that think dragons too scary for their children.

  19. Dungeons and Diplomacy: Ally with the dungeon’s other denizens, then stab them in the back when the time is right, as you vie for supremacy over the entire place…

    Dungeons and Dollhouse: Sort of like vanilla D&D, except that the GM hands you a new PC each week…

    Dungeons and Diners: You want a *real* Iron Chef? Look no further…

    Dungeons and Data: He’s a wizard thrown from his own world into ours. She’s a computer programmer. They Fight Crime.

    Dungeons and Debt: You’re thrown into debtors’ prison in a realistic setting. It’s a very short game.

    Dungeons & Decalogues: In this universe, it wasn’t the Red Sea that parted…

    Dungeons & Degradation: The BDSM roleplaying game!

    Dungeons & Deputies: The villains are out there… and the PCs have to find them, take them down, and take them alive!

    Dungeons & Divination: Hope you memorized some, because there’re a hell of a lot of traps in there…

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