How to make a rose

I’m still fiddling with Dynamic Cloth in DAZ Studio while trying to nurse my poorly sick and dying hard drive back to health. One of the things that occurred to me is that it should be possible to make a rose (or some other flower) using the ever-wonderful and free Dynamic Tablecloth. No, really.

What follows are notes for my own purposes as much as anything. So if they don’t make any sense, don’t worry. It’s not you.

Here’s where I’m up to in my development of the rare tablecloth rose……….


Rough, but getting there.

That’s one sphere and two tablecloths placed below it (Y = -155 and -159). Gravity is set to -2 (yay for reversed gravity!). Velvet shader. Cloths set to collide with everything. Drape the top one first, then the second.

More cloths and more negative gravity should do it, methinks. Then add a stem and cute little faerie, and we’re done.

Want a piccie of a tablecloth looking a bit more like…. well, a cloth? Here you go then. This one’s called And She Wakes.


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