DAZ Studio gets dynamic clothing

And you know what that means? Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapes!



“Dynamic clothing” is a process where you can make clothing (or anything else) drape realistically so that is follows the flow and folds of whatever it touches. Until now, that was something which Poser could do, but DAZ Studio couldn’t. The problem is that Poser’s way of simulating dynamic clothing is…… and I’m being polite here……. pretty damned klunky.

DAZ, in their wisdom, said “there has to be a better way”. And by golly gosh, they gone and done it. Add the dynamic item, hit Drape, done. There’s a whole host of parameters in the backend if you’re feeling tweaky, and a bunch of presets too. If you want the fabric to fold like silk, old wool, nylon or anything else, you can. Oh, and you can add wind to control the direction too.

This wulf wholeheartedly approves.

In other news, my little laptop is averaging 10-30 minutes before locking up completely making anything productive damned near impossible right now. I’ve been investigating, fixing and defragging for the past couple of days. And that’s what I’ll be doing today too.

See you when it’s better!

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  1. Stop? Nah. I’m just getting started! :D

    If you’re using DAZ Studio prior to version 2.3, this one thing alone is well worth taking the time to upgrade. Brilliant stuff.

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