1,001 uses for a tablecloth

Along with the awesome release of Dynamic Clothing for DAZ Studio, the nice folks at DAZ3d also released a freebie. Don’t get too excited though – it’s that least thrilling of all things: a tablecloth.


Ok, DO get excited, because that one fragment of cloth can (and probably will) be put to 1,001 uses by we render junkies, because it’s not just any old tablecloth. Oh no. It’s a Dynamic Tablecloth! Booyah!

You’re still not excited are you? I can tell these things.

Well, they do say a picture is worth a thousand words (which is in itself a pretty stupid thing to say. I mean – go on, draw something that clearly conveys that “a picture is worth a thousand words” without using words. You can’t can you? And that’s only 7 words. A thousand? You’ve got no chance. The Gospel According to Luke is about 1,000 words long. Draw that. Can’t? See. Stupid thing to say.) so here’s a few pictures courtesy of yours truly.

Tablecloth wedding gear.

Two tablecloths. Best. Outfit. Ever.

“You may take our lives, but you’ll never take our tablecloths!”

Cool, eh?

Dynamic Clothing + tablecloth + DAZ Studio = bloody awesome. That’s what.

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