3 Comments on “Just a state of mind”

  1. Believe it or not,
    I’m still in the air,
    I never thought I could be so free.
    Walking away on wing and a prayer.
    Who could it be?
    Believe it or not,
    It’s just me.

    Bonus if you can tell me what TV show that was the title song to.

    Vulcan Stevs last blog post..My Brute Nevets Belin

  2. First, to Vulcan Steve, that is the “Greatest American Hero”. Why they never gave him instructions, or the helmet, was beyond me. The lead actor was in an episode of Heroes this year (please stamp my geek card, thank you).

    I was actually going to go with a Jetson’s vibe and the whole, “Jane, get me offa this crazy thing.”

    CharlieAmras last blog post..Before there was Clip Art. . .

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