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  1. Obviously she comes from a world setting where the AP value of armour is inversely proportional to the amount of flesh it covers. I’m also a great fan of painted-on shirts. Though one thing… you have her arms raised and any girl will tell you that boobs are sorta attached to the arms so the laws of physics and biology dictate that her breasts would rise and become a bit flatter with her arms up like that. Admittedly fixing this might lessen the overall aesthetic appeal and in a world where armour acts like it does, having breasts that defy the laws of physics really shouldn’t be that much of a stretch… ;)

    Helmsmans last blog post..Coming Back to Alpha Omega

  2. All breasts defy the laws of physics. It’s a documented fact. Just ask any scientist – breasts have been defying them for years….. :D

    In DAZ Studio (or any half-decent 3d application, for that matter), it’s pretty simple to get breasts, or any other body part, to behave as nature intended. The challenge is in getting the clothing to do the same. Even this outfit – which is extremely good otherwise – ends up with the breasts poking up out of the cloth at the top if you try to move them upwards. Which ain’t pretty, let me tell you.

    Now you know :D

  3. It’s an interesting coincidence that I was just reading an article about how the Flying Spaghetti Monster alters carbon dating results with his noodley appendage just before I read your comment about breasts defying the laws of physics. I find it sort of ironic that the most magical things in this time are gravity defying breasts and the FSM’s noodley appendage… this needs to be explored further. What happens when you bring these two things together?

    Helmsmans last blog post..Coming Back to Alpha Omega

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