Happy Eostre!


Go on. Pick an egg. I dare ya!

Easter is pure gaming gold when it comes to mining for ideas (gold… mining? Did you see what I did then?). According to Bede, it originates from a celebration of Eostre, the ancient Goddess of the Dawn. Bede’s a randomly accurate historian at best, and was fond of adding a darned good lie if he couldn’t find the truth, and IMHO he’s all the better a guy for it. Seriously, every gamer ought to read some Bede at least once in their life.

But anyhow. Easter.

Any religious festival makes a great backdrop for adventure. Easter is made all the more special because it’s a festival which has changed and been adopted by other religions over time. This adds (in rpg terms) a ready-made conflict, right there. Perhaps the adventurers are in town for a holiday celebrating Pelor, only to have it disrupted by Cultists outraged that their Dawn Goddess’ name has been stolen in this way. The adventurers could meet an archetypal Crazy Old Guy en route who warns them that “The Goddess….. The Goddess comes!!!” before pointing at the dawning sky and dropping dead. That always gets their attention. At the ceremony the Cultists manage to summon an Avatar of Eostre (a level appropriate Fire Archon and Dire Bunny entourage, or somesuch). Cue Big Fight Scene in the middle of town, roll credits.

Then there’s eggs, and (as my litle piccy above illustrates) in D&D eggs invariably means dragons.    Dragon Eggs are the classic valuable item no-one wants to own as they always mean mommy’s going to come a-huntin’. This becomes particularly fun if the players don’t actually know they’re carrying a dragon egg. Maybe it’s inside that recently acquired Bag of Holding, or gained a particularly large ruby from their latest dungeon delve. Add one Very Angry Ruby Dragon Momma, and stand well back.

What Easter-themed adventures can you suggest?

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  1. At risk of inciting controversy with a little religious humour – dare I suggest a scenario involving the rescue of a cult leader unjustly sentenced to a slow lingering death….let’s face it, what good-aligned party (especially chaotic good) wouldn’t fall for that plot hook if they were in town?

    With the added twist that he/she doesn’t actually want to be rescued.

    Well, you did ask for it.

    Lurkinggherkins last blog post..On The Joys Of A Long-Running Campaign

  2. You should make an adventure based on the Swedish Easter celebrations…with witches flying to Blakulla to meet the Devil and all that :p

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