If you aren't watching GOLD, what are you doing?

You know how the first series of any show is always pretty shaky? The actors aren’t yet comfortable with their lines and the scripts don’t quite flow? GOLD isn’t like that. At the risk of being cliché, this gold is shiny already.

For those that don’t know, GOLD follows the fortunes of teams in the World Goblins & Gold Role Playing Game Championship. Yes folks – professional role-playing. It’s something we mere geeklets can only dream about, but here’s the concept made reality. Well, TV reality anyway. If it was on TV. And real.

That’s the thing, really. GOLD is good enough to be on TV, right now. It deserves (nay, demands!) to be syndicated. Folks like comparisons, so here’s a couple: it’s like The Office, only funny and well acted. It’s like The IT Crowd, only not about computers and not quite as good – but like I said, this is only the first series which means there’s plenty of wiggle room for improvement. It’s like CSI:Miami. OK no, it’s not like CSI:Miami. I lied.

On the other hand, it’s not like any of those because it’s about role-playing. It’s a fair guess that if you’re reading this blog, that’s a hobby you quite enjoy. In which case, I’ll repeat the question…….

If you aren’t watching GOLD, what are you doing?

3 Comments on “If you aren't watching GOLD, what are you doing?”

  1. I agree completely — Gold rocks. Thanks for the post highlighting it.

    Of course, my brother David is the creator/writer/producer/director of Gold (and also acts as Jonathan Drake), so I may have some bias.


    But it really is awesome, especially for those of us that dig gaming.

  2. Thanks, Greywulf & Charlie (& Chris ;-). Glad you guys like the series. And thanks for spreading the word. The best chance we have at making a second season of GOLD is a large following — thanks so much for helping.

    -David Nett –
    Creator, GOLD
    can you take the hits?

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