Arkaen, Marshall and d'Vine


Here’s a quick’n’easy concept render for a superhero team inspired by the Powers from D&D. Hey, why not? If we can have Superhero Fantasy there ain’t nothing wrong with Fantasy-inspired Superheroes, right?

I know it looks like d’Vine is touching Marshall’s nipple but I’m just too darned lazy to fix it now. Besides, he might like it.

Like all good concepts this should be pretty self explanatory. So I’ll explain it anyway. We’ve got Arkaen the gorgeous-but-feisty blasty mage, Marshall, who’s a tactical tank and d’Vine, the troubled angelic scout and conscience of the team. As D&D gains new Power sources (Ki, Psionic, Girl, Black, Puppy…. yeh, I’ve done that joke already. ok) I’ll add similarly mis-spelt team members to the crew. I’m planning for Kai (the Lone Wandering Monk) and Psion Nick, at least.

Stats for M&M will come straight out of the Archetypes. not going to spend too much time on this as it’s Just Another NPC Superteam in our already over-populated campaign setting.

Works for me. You like?

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