Werewolves versus Robots!

I threw out a simple question over twitter last night: “Werewolves versus Robots. Who would win?”. Here are the replies………

(unreversed so they read in the correct order, edited to remove the @greywulfs)

vulcanstev Depends on the phase of the moon and the phase of the power supply 8-)
tatwd Good lord, you’ve just shaken the foundations of my world.
RavynER Probably depends on the types of robots, as well.
vulcanstev Are the Robots made out of a Silver alloy?
davidnett It depends. Are we assuming the werewolves have full control of their lycanthropy rather than being unwilling victims of it?
exedore6 I vote robots. Most were-advantages are more suited to flesh enemies. Though I suppose it depends on the size of the robots.
WyattSalazar Pitch it to White Wolf as a Werewolf splat. They’ll be sure to find a way to make it depressing, tragic and nigh-unplayable!
davidnett I have to go with Robots. The werewolves are savage and intelligent, but the robots can build a giant robot. Also: robot unicorns.
coffeechit Werewolves! No question. Do robots hunt in packs? I don’t think so!
tregenza Robots would win. Werewolf teeth would break against the shining chrome skin of our new digital overlords.
Sanastar The robots will win, of course!
vulcanstev Gonna have to go with Werewolves. Dreamed last night about a WWolf/Bot battle. The wolves climbed trees and dropped on the bots
revlazaro I’m pitching a vote for Werewolves.
RickKrebs Gotta be ‘Bots
SeditiousBroom Robots vs Werewolves: 1 vote for the wolves! Werewolves don’t need to debug their own code and screw up things. :p

Many thanks to everyone who took part!

Werewolves versus Robots has to be the last great unfought battle of the age. It’s supernature against technology, cold logic battling raw cunning where claw meets steel. Even Wolverine and Batman would want to sit out of this one.

Picture the scene: Robots overthrow humanity and only the Werewolf rebels stand against them. Their ability to take on human form makes the Wolves all-but-undetectable until they strike. The ‘bots have access to silver bullets, but they’re in limited supply, and the werewolves can do an awful lot of damage before the designated Wolfhunter Robots arrive. Best RPG concept setting ever? Probably not, but damn it’s one I want to play in.

You want to know who won the twitterwar, right? Tallying up the votes that came in via twitter, direct messages and email……… it was a draw, which means there can only be one loser in the battle between Werewolves and Robots.

The humans.

This little exercise proved my theory that the next World War will be fought over Twitter. For all we know, it may have already begun.

Watch out for the wolves out there!

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