Character portraits update

Six done, some to go. I have images completed for the Warlord, Fighter, Cleric, Ranger, Rogue and a bonus Barbarian. The Paladin, Warlock and Wizard are still to do.

The Wizard (a rather awesome Dragonborn one with snake-headed staff held aloft) would have been done by now except every single app on my little laptop decided to spontaneously quit without warning. Bummer, eh? Ah well, nothing that can’t be redone.

We’re on target for a Monday release at the latest. To repeat: this will be sold for $4 with all proceeds going to Uncle Bear. There will be 9 high-resolution images which can be used for both commercial and non-commercial purposes. Remix ’em how you want, use them for your blogposts, character portraits or as the cover of that PDF project you’re preparing for sale (in that case a credit would be nice!).

Want a sneak peek? Here’s a preview of a guy you really don’t want to mess with.


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