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Fancy a quick challenge? Alrighty then! Here’s a superhero………..


Tell me about him. Gimme a name. Better still, tell me his superpowers (it’s pretty likely he can fly!) and backstory if you’re feeling creative.

I’ll pick out the best (or the best two, or three, or whatever) and stat ’em up as full blown Character du Jours.

Over to you!

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  1. Admiral French – Real Name: Marceau

    Admiral French is an infant alien intelligence forced to define his own reality as he learns what it is to exist in this plane of existance. He was “born” in the back yard of a rural french widow in the south of france fully formed grown up and naked as a jay-bird. The widow took him in and fed him, combed his hair and tried to find out who he was. She called him Marceau and assumed he was an amnesiac and chose to help him personally rather than call the authorities because she was lonely. Marceau spent a few months learning from the old widow and was taught about right and wrong and helping old ladies from her and learned about pop culture from soap-operas, science fiction reruns and a stack of 80’s comic books that the Widow’s son had left behind when he went to college.

    Then a few months after the old widow took him in he found his first alien power. The power to dictate his location merely by thinking about it. As he did so his eyes glowed an inhuman yellow frightening the widow. Confused he flew into the air “running” away from her feeling truly guilty for traumatizing her so.

    Soon Marceau found himself taking refuge in a dance hall where he rested trying to come to terms with what happened. His only rationalization was that he was a super hero from comic lore and that he was destined to help humanity but ever live apart from them. Feeling much better about himself he found a dance costume and a masque in the dressing room that fit perfectly.

    Now Marceau is helping old ladies cross the street and trying to find some criminals as flashy as himself to foil like in the comic books. When the press in America got ahold of him they called him Admiral French because during some old-lady aidings near central park it was his spoken tongue.

    Admiral French is still understanding the nature of his powers but they’re natural to his kind like how a human heart beats or we’d automatically scratch an itch. He’s still quite naive to things like immigration laws and how criminals actually operate, and he’s due for some very rude awakenings. Also he’s not ran into anyone actually trying to hurt him yet… so who’s to say what happens then?

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  2. Codename: Alister

    A product of Home Land Security’s “recycling” of Cold War research, Alister is part of a few special operatives to undergo various treatments of fringe science to achieve super-human capabilities.

    Alister serves as the posterboy for HLS’s “Project Manifest” and often is sent on special “HR” missions which are usually minor skirmishes, or in some cases even staged events (although he is unaware of their nature) to be seen publicly defending the American Way to increase support from the tax payers.

    He has minor telekinetic powers allowing him to emit small blasts of force, fetch items within a small distance and assist him in displaying amazing acts of strength (He may look like he just picked that guy up and threw him on sheer strength alone, but it was really some assistance by manipulating the kinetic forces in the process.)

    He has even taught himself how to fly by regulating his kinetic bursts along with sort of “gravitating” himself towards his point of navigation (kind of a combined pushing away and pulling towards all at the same, constant rhythm.)

    While he’s aware of other agents of Project Manifest, Alister has been working alone while the HLS keeps insisting that as the others gain more experience, they will start to eventually form a “super team.” Truth is, the others are already embroiled in deep, troubling missions behind enemy lines as the first offensive strikes against enemy nations.

    Truth is, Alister honestly believes in the things he represents to the public, but he himself is also a victim to the facade.

  3. Captain Freedom – Chris DeHart.

    Chris DeHart is an actor, or at least he was until the head injury. Chris is the star of the Captain Freedom TV show. While on location, Chris was performing his own stunts and got hit on the head.

    The resulting injury caused Chris to assume the personnae of his character. He was instantly better on camera. Ratings spiked due to the publicity surrounding the mishap. The producers, eager to keep their new ratings changed the focus of the show completely. Feeding Chris’ delusions, the producers told him that they were documenting his adventures for the American people as a reality TV series.

    “Captain Freedom” bought it. The SFX department provides his “powers”/varible depending on the episode. Chris spouts corny 1940’s superhero dialouge with earnest. He truly believes he is Captian Freedom.

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  4. Alexander Deerborn was 14, serving as an ensign in the Royal Marines aboard the HMS Swiftsure in 1798, during the Battle of the Nile. A freak accident involving Egyptian artifacts commandered from the French gave him the strength of 10 men. He served with distinction and was grievously wounded during the Battle of Trafalgar. Nonetheless, he recovered and retired a full colonel after the Battle of Waterloo.

    Col. Deerborn was recalled to duty to serve in Kamchatka in 1854, despite his advanced years. He is recorded as having endured hardships side-by-side with men a third his age. He was also shot on at least three occasions, but without suffering permanent harm.

    Still alive in 1914 and appearing to be “about in his mid-forties”, Col. Deerborn served with the Canadian Armed forces throughout the Great War. It was during this time that incidents of bullets “bouncing off his chest”, and leaps of 40 – 60′ were first reported.

    Between the First and Second World Wars, Alexander Deerborn served as an Inspector and later a Superintendent in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Although he was retired with distinction in 1937, there was some evidence that he was criticized within the force for the number of fatalities among suspects in his investigations.

    Deerborn returned to Britain, and the rank of Colonel, during World War 2. The early months of his service appear to be in some clandestine operation, but in 1941 he joined the Parachute Regiment of the British Army. At this time, he appeared to be a young man in the prime of life, and would regularly jump from airplanes without a parachute. Later, he served in Force Britannia under (acting Brigadier General) Dr. Atum. Some reports indicate he was drinking heavily at this time, and the American Superhero Captain Connecticut claimed in his autobiography that Deerborn once threw a tank at him in a drunken rage.

    By the end of World War Two, Col Deerborn was capable of flying under his own power, and was clearly stronger then he had ever been before. Just as clearly, he was out of control. Although he was used by the British Military until 1954, he was no longer employed in publicity exercises, nor was he involved in military operations that required subtlety. He was mostly used as a demoralizing weapon against vastly inferior opponents. He retired again after the Korean War.

    In 1958 he was arrested after a fight with his girlfriend of 4 months. Although she was not injured, her car and two nearby buildings were destroyed. Alexander Deerborn surrendered to police without incident, but two days later, suffering from heroin withdrawal, he broke out of jail. He went on a sporadic crime spree for the next 8 months until captured by The Hypernucleic Man. In Gairsay Prison he was visited regularly by Dr. Atum, his old commander, who apparently taught him some ancient meditation techniques to control his temper and heroin and alcohol addiction. (Dr. Leon Visserman has hypothesized in his “Overman, Overmind: Psychology and the Superman.” that Alexander Deerborn had been suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress since the mid-1800’s.)

    Released from Gairsay in 1972, Deerborn traveled to Egypt, Turkey, India, Tibet, and Nepal, among other places. He assisted the third Force Britannia on two occasions: Against the Supervillain Fury, in 1976, and during the Erdanian Invasion of 1980-81. By this time Deerborn was capable of unassisted spaceflight.

    In 2001, when Dr Atum disappeared, Alexander Deerborn took the codename Heru as a mark of respect for his mentor. However, he rarely uses it, preferring to operate simply as Deerborn. Deerborn is considered to be one of the 20 most powerful Supers operating on Earth today, but rarely takes the field against super foes. His most audacious recent actions have been mitigating the Tsunami of 2004, fighting the plague of Asteroid Dakuro, and (most controversially) irrigating the Plains of Sahara.

    Alexander Deerborn shows no sign of the unstability that plagued him during the later 20th Century, but only time can tell if he has truly conquered his demons.

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