Dungeon Drop-ins: The Do No Harm Room

Here’s a quick location you can stick into any dungeon or site-based adventure. Enjoy!

“Above the archway into this room is an engraved stone sign which reads ‘Do No Harm Lest Harm Be Done Unto You’. The room itself is large – at least 30′ square – with numerous pillars supporting the ceiling. The walls are coated in faded and patched murals depicting scenes of enemy races knelt in discussion, their weapons tossed to the ground.”

This room was designed with one purpose in mind: peace between otherwise unreconcilable enemies. Any direct damage caused in this room is immediately healed and inflicted on the attacker. For example, if a Dwarven Fighter hits a Goblin for 8 damage, the Goblin is instantly healed, and the Fighter takes the 8 damage, the wounds manifesting exactly as they have been dealt.

Add your own monsters into this room to taste. Perhaps this is the location where the Big Bad Villain explains his nefarious plans while taunting the players into striking him, or a large nest of Goblins invite the characters to join their Poker Night. This is a location is an ideal rest stop for the party – but it could also be a subtle warning that the party have unwittingly stumbled into a warzone.

Optional twist: The room fell into disuse after an adventuring Wizard used Invisibility and Ghost Sound to cunning effect, sowing discord between Orc and Hobgoblin leaders who had met to form an allegiance against the surface races. This tactic resulted in the death of twelve leaders and averted a major war. The Wizard was later found, killed and is now cursed to exist as a Phantom in the room, bound to repeat his trickery on all who attempt to use the room for peaceful discourse.

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  1. This would work well with a room and critter combo I came up with just prior to my last D&D game in High School. Cute fuzzy little creature for sale from a merchant in the village. He was the ONLY defense against an acid green goop that protected a treasure in the dugeon. If you had the creature you got the treasure if not….

    Dunno why this room reminded me of the little guy, but now I’m gonna have to stat him out for SW

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  2. I’m running Thunderspire right now and I can really see this room existing not too far from the 7P Hall and used as insurance in business deals between enemy races or just enemies. A twist I will likely add – there are two or three entrances, beings must leave back through the entrance they used and each entrance lets out into a hallway about half an hour from the 7P Hall. The hallways are all separate and don’t connect to each other in any way. The PCs have steered themselves into a deal that is likely to go bad, unless they learn of this little well kept secret chamber.

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