Like it's 1981 all over again, part four

While Squidgee Yellowpants (the Halfling Jester) checks the chest in the corner for traps and finds none, Hairy Bob is resting up and burning through his Healing Surges at a rate of knots. I let him use up three (getting him back to 23hp) then say that the door in the North Wall opens a crack. It’s time for the monsters to come to them.

There’s the sound of child-like giggling from behind the door. A skinny green arm appears around it holding a large Kobold Gluepot which is lobbed into the room before the players can react. The door is then closed, quickly. Parson Jeffries is hit, and immobilized. That’s not really a problem for a Lance of Faith wielding Ritualbook thumping Man of God (any God). No sir.

Hairy Bob throws open the door and he’s face-to-face with 6 Goblins – 4 Minions and 2 Warriors. He charges in and Cleaves two Minions instantly. Oh yeh! The problem is that he’s still blocking too much of the door for the Parson to get a clean shot. It’s down to Squidgee.

Let me say this: I frickin’ love this character. Steve’s playing him brilliantly, and the 4e Rogue Class lets you build an absolutely superb Court Jester – take Deft Strike, Sly Flourish, King’s Castle and Trick Strike as your 1st level Powers, have the padded Jester’s Outfit count as leather armour and give the character Weighted Juggling Balls which count in all respects as Shuriken. Take Training and Skill Focus in Acrobatics and you’re good to go.

Mechanically it’s no different to a Shuriken-wielding Rogue ninjalike in Leathers, but dude….. Court Jester! Ok, so the Weighted Juggling Balls aren’t technically “Light Blades” but I’ll allow ’em as such (hey, Shuriken by another name) meaning they’re usable with all of his carefully-selected Powers.

But anyway. Back to the combat. Squidgee makes an Acrobatics check (DC20 – easy) to leapfrog over Hairy Bob into the room, and I say he’s got combat advantage as a result. Trick Strike + Sneak Attack against a Goblin Warrior as he lobs a Juggling Ball mid-air, and he rolls a natural 20. That’s 21+2d6 for 29 damage, exactly enough to kill the Goblin in a single hit. Juggling Ball right between the eyes knocked him 5′ backward and he’s dead before he hits the ground. Ouch.

The other Goblins….. well, let’s just say the fight’s suddenly knocked out of them. They surrender due the teh sheer awesome of seeing half their number asswiped. They help the Parson get free of the glue and warn our heroes about the trap on the hidden nook behind the face on the north wall before running for their puny little lives.

Squidgee remembers about the contents of the chest in the previous room, scoops up 99sp, then manages (with Bob’s cunning use of Aid Another) to disarm and open the face stash. They gain 2 Potions of Healing, one 100gp necklace & 50gp. Together with the 99sp from Room 2, this makes up Treasure Parcel 6 from DMG126.

Next: A Skill Challenge in a Classic D&D romp? Oh yes!


Squidgee Yellowpants, Good Halfling Rogue Jester-1
Str 11, Con 10, Dex 17, Int 11, Wis 6, Cha 14
HP 22 bloodied 11 surges 5×6/day
AC 15 (Jester’s Outfit), Fort 10, Ref 15, Will 12, Speed 6

Weighted juggling balls +6 vs AC, 1d6+3, range 6/12, Light throwable
Deft Strike/w +6 vs AC, Sly Flourish/w +6 vs AC
King’s Castle/e +6 vs Ref
Trick Strike/d +6 vs AC

Acrobatics +13, Athletics +5, Bluff +7, Perception +3, Stealth +8, Thievery +10
Skill Focus (Acrobatics), +2 vs Fear, +2 AC vs Opportunity Attacks, Second Chance
First Strike, Rogue Weapon Talent, Artful Dodger, Sneak Attack +2d6

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  1. That is reskinned leather armor? Leather armor is supposed to look like a biker outfit. Easy rider, motercycle biker. Not Lance Armstrong road bicyclist biker. That is just wrong.

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