20 Reasons Why the Dragon is in the Dungeon

Admit it, we’ve all done it. We’ve all put an enormous Dragon in the lower levels of a Dungeon with ne’er a thought about how it got there in the first place. How does something that large fit through all those 10′ corridors? Just like a ship in a bottle though, there’s always a way………

  1. Teleportation accident. Somewhere out there is a confused Wizard sat on a horde of gold
  2. Brought in as an egg by worshipping Kobolds. Grew. Ate the Kobolds
  3. Agoraphobia. Fear is a powerful motivator
  4. It’s not in the dungeon. The room “entrance” has teleported the adventurers to his mountaintop lair thousands of miles away. Here’s hoping it’s a two-way teleport.
  5. The cultist meant to cast Summon Dagon
  6. It’s not a dragon. It’s a winged Kobold and the adventurers have suddenly got very, very small
  7. The Dragon is an illusion. Maybe
  8. Dragons can shapeshift, right? This one walked in as a humanoid, but bumped his head on the way. Now he’s a Dragon with amnesia
  9. It burrowed in but blunted it’s claws in a vein of Mithril. Waiting for them to grow back
  10. This is HariHoud’ini, the world famous Dragon escapologist
  11. Deposited by Tiamat as punishment for incurring her wrath
  12. It swam in via the Underground River. Did I mention the river?
  13. It’s not a Dragon but a Human Paladin cursed to take Draconic form until it can convince someone it really IS a Human Paladin without eating them first (being a Dragon makes you really, really hungry)
  14. The entire Dungeon was built around the Dragon to the glory of His Name. At least, that’s what he was told by the Dwarves
  15. Trying to find an escape route for his mother – she’s stuck on level 40
  16. Because the Gods have a sense of humour
  17. The Dragon is half-troll and regenerated from a Fighter’s Dragonscale Shield. It still has the carry straps on it’s back
  18. Mad science. A gnome alchemist brought lots of Draconic bodyparts, stitched them together, and………
  19. Dragons are actually invertebrates and can squish themselves through really, really small holes. No, really
  20. Because fighting stonkingly huge Dragons deep underground is lots of fun. What other reason do you need?

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  1. Brilliant! I shall be using one (or more) of these in my forthcoming dungeon.

    The closest situation I ever encountered as DM to this (when the players called me out on a monster placement) was this: the party came down a long corridor, opened a small door and immediately saw a giant gorilla (which couldn’t have fitted through the door).

    They started ragging on me that there was no way the gorilla could have got in there, what did it eat etc

    And to this day I’ve never told them… the dungeon was built into the side of a cliff and the gorilla’s room had a cave mouth exit onto the side of the cliff!

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  2. the dragon was out drinking with its mates one night, and just woke up down there the next morning.

    (hasn’t it happened to all of us?)

  3. These are great. I can’t wait to use a few of them in my next campaign. It also makes you think about how some of the other popular monster arch-types ended up in the lair that the PCs eventually find them in.

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  4. Great!

    I faced exactly this problem the last time I was the DM (it was Kobold Hall, the 4E DMG’s ready adventure). The dragon was a young one, “only” Large in size, but… the group came in throught a corridor only one square in width, that started in a secret door. The dragon actually could have squeezed there, but I found it was very… ridiculous. So I described the room with a large opening in the ceiling, very far above the heads of the PCs (so they can’t access it, at least at level 1). The dragon could fly throught it, and it explained also why the room wasn’t dark (white dragons don’t usually glow). But if I had read this, I’d probably use #2… except the dragon didn’t eat all the kobolds.

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