Mutants and Masterminds Day 6: When

Let’s talk Time Travel. The Mutants & Masterminds Core Rules strongly recommend that it’s primarily used as a plot-device rather than something that the players have control over. I’m going with that line of thought for our multiverse campaign.


There are two Powers directly related to time manipulation – Time Control and Super-Movement. The first is basically a variant of Super-Speed which lets you go into Bullet Time; the world slows down and you, conversely, speed up. Grab a couple of Alternate Powers such as Paralyze (“freezing” someone in time) and Precog/Postcognition (being able to see events from the past or future) and you’ve got a rather nice time-based hero or villain without all that tricky time travel stuff.

Super-Movement offers Temporal Movement as an option. This is the ability to directly travel from one time to another. For just a single rank (2 points) your hero can travel between now and just one point in the past or future. The point is fixed relative to now, so you could time-travel exactly 50 years into the past, 1,000 years into the future, for example. This is great if you want a hero who can travel between, say, 15th Century France and the modern day, or play Johnny Stars, Dream Hero of the Future who battles Martians in the 43rd Century while he sleeps. 2 ranks (4 points) gets you the ability to travel in the past or future, whereas 3 ranks (6 points) gives you the ability to travel to any point in time. Nice.

Temporal Movement is one of those powers that’s best suited to being in some kind of device, be it a Time Bracelet or a certain blue police box. I can’t think of many heroes or villains with innate time-travelling abilities – can you? Beyond Superman’s overused “turning back time by flying really fast round the world” trick (which he hasn’t actually used that often but let’s face it, once was too often. Awesome use of the Hero Point though) you’re probably looking at the magical heroes such as Zatanna and Dr Strange.

In the campaign, our heroes can travel through multiversal time using the teleport room in the Singular Citadel. This transports up to 5 heroes to anywhere, any dimension and anywhen as required. The time travel element isn’t under the players’ control (yet – Captain Triumph is working on it), but merely a plot device to get the characters where the action is (so costs no points). It’s not entirely…. uhhhh…. reliable, either. Don’t you just love giving players kewl toys that don’t quite work right? I do!

Next time: a grab bag of scenarios and plot hooks!

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